Beware of Mexico and affordable dental implants.

 / Beware of Mexico and affordable dental implants.

Beware of Mexico and affordable dental implants.

My cousin researched affordable dental implants. He couldn’t justify the costs here.  So, he went to Mexico. He raved about the dentist. Apparently, he studied in the United States and had a bunch of positive reviews. Eventually, we decided to go through with it to save a buck. It took over a year for the whole process. He felt like the cost of traveling was offset by the cheap implants. Well I was skeptical from the beginning. Now, now he’s starting to pay for it. First, he had a gross infected implant, which cost him an extra trip. They sent him home with a course of antibiotics. But, that didn’t fix it. His entire face swelled and he was in terrible pain. Now, the implant dentist wants to redo it and start over. Is this normal? I was seriously considering this approach to saving some money on dental implants.

-Jim in Arizona


You’re not alone in searching for ways to save money on dental implants. But, your instincts are correct to proceed with caution. Here’s the deal. The United States is very stringent when it comes to medical and dental care. We regulate everything, which in the long run means higher fees. So, it is definitely tempting to cross the border to Mexico. As your cousin experienced, you’re pretty much out of luck if something doesn’t go according to plan.

Implant dentistry requires extensive training and expertise beyond dental school. When implants are placed by an excellent implant dentist, they tend to have a 98% rate. But, you have to take a step back and consider why dental implants are more affordable in Mexico.

It could be due to many factors. For example, the dentist’s skill (or lack of it), skimping on quality materials, or simply not caring, since they know you aren’t from Mexico. These types of practices also have a bad reputation of changing their practice names frequently. So, you may see stellar reviews for a dentist online. Then, when things get bad, they shut down and re-open a new clinic.

You would be best served by a reputable implant dentist here in the States. They are held to higher standards and are only a phone call away for any questions or complications. With something as intricate as dental implant surgery and the placement of the restoration, you don’t want to chance your health. The risk is incredibly high to end up paying more in the long run.

So, if your budget is an issue with dental implants, be honest. Tell your dentist your limitations. There are many other affordable dental implant options.

Mini implants are more affordable and can work well in the right situation. Or, your dentist may be willing to phase out treatment over time, to make the cost of implants more manageable. It is also possible to consider alternate treatment options, like a dental bridge or other affordable implant options. Or, you can look at other supplemental insurance plans or finance options.

Thank you for your question. We have no shortage of dental implant horror stories when it comes to cheap dental implants from Mexico.


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