Botched cosmetic dentistry. What do I do?

 / Botched cosmetic dentistry. What do I do?

Botched cosmetic dentistry. What do I do?

I hate my ugly tetracycline-stained teeth. They have stolen my joy and self confidence one too many times. I decided that I will not feel embarrassed or ashamed of my smile anymore. So I scheduled a consultation with my dentist. Finally, I felt like I was going to be proud to show off my smile because he said he had the solution, teeth whitening and dental bonding to cover the deep stains. So, I went for it. Well, it’s not even been a week and I’m regretting getting my hopes up. Maybe I will be plagued by tetracycline my entire life. I mean, maybe my expectations were to high? They do look better than before I had any work done. But they are a far cry from the pearly, white smile which is what I was hoping for. Is this as good as it gets? I feel like the cosmetic dentistry is botched.

– Kendra in Minnesota


Thank you for your honesty. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that there is something better. The bad news, your dentist didn’t select the best treatment plan to cover your tetracycline stains.

An expert cosmetic dentist knows that porcelain veneers are the best way to cover dark tetracycline stains. Your dentist was a bit conservative selecting teeth whitening and dental bonding to improve your smile. You need to get a second opinion. Although your current dentist may do decent cosmetic dentistry, your circumstances require a cosmetic dentist that truly understands the situation.

Look for a cosmetic dentist in your area that has successfully treated tetracycline stains in the past. Ask to see a portfolio of their work and check out their credentials. The right cosmetic dentist can deliver you that beautiful smile that you envision.

Porcelain veneers will be applied to the surfaces of your teeth and will cover the stains. Even if your dentist offers porcelain veneers at his office, it sounds like it’s time for a visit to an expert to get the best results. Sadly, botched cosmetic dentistry isn’t uncommon when it comes to tetracycline stains.



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