Can I get some bling on my teeth, like Beyonce?

 / Can I get some bling on my teeth, like Beyonce?

Can I get some bling on my teeth, like Beyonce?

I am admittedly kind of obsessed with Beyonce. Well, she had an awesome spread I saw in a recent magazine where she had something that looked like bling or glitter on her upper teeth. It was wicked looking and I cannot get that hot look out of my mind. It almost had the appearance of a French tip manicure. I have been looking into porcelain veneers and want to know if I can get “glitter” veneers? Is this possible? I will pay whatever it takes.

– Aliyah in Georgia


Stars do set trends, but this one may not have the staying power. Remember, porcelain veneers are a permanent cosmetic dentistry treatment. Glitter teeth for celebrities aren’t far fetched, but think how this kind of look would go over at your next job interview or picking your kids up from school. There is no way to know if the treatment she had on her teeth was indeed porcelain veneers, but it is unlikely. Let’s remember, it may not even be real. Did you ever consider it was edited onto the photo after the fact?

Celebs jazz up their looks everyday and these smile fads come and go. But, keep in mind the “go” part. It would not be advised that you move forward with blinging up your teeth. That said, a cosmetic dentist does have the capability to customize porcelain veneers. An expert cosmetic dentist can create virtually any kind of smile design from sexy and sophisticated, to playful or sultry, you name it. But most cosmetic dentists will encourage you to think long term with your new look. Mess around and play up your makeup or outfit, but it would likely be advised that you keep your smile all-natural to the greatest extent possible.

There are some appliques that are called removable grills that can jazz up your smile. But please strongly consider if this is worth it or not? We see patients into see us that have broken, chipped, or otherwise permanently damaged teeth with these sort of temporary treatments.


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