Can new Lumineers be put over top of old ones?

 / Can new Lumineers be put over top of old ones?

Can new Lumineers be put over top of old ones?

I have Lumineers and have for years. They don’t look that great anymore. Have you ever heard of placing new Lumineers over old ones to freshen up a smile? I understand teeth whitening won’t work on Lumineers. So, I was wondering if adding a new layer of Lumineers would improve how they look? When I originally had them done, my dentist knew I wanted them whiter but he was told that wasn’t an option. He’s a nice guy and I’ve been happy with him for most of my treatment, but I don’t think I need to keep my “dingy” teeth when I’m sure there is a way they can be better? Do you have any insight?

-Lisa in Michigan


Technically, it is possible to place new Lumineers over old Lumineers. But that’s just silly.

Just for clarification and for any other web viewers reading this response, it is important to realize the Lumineers are just another brand of porcelain veneers. Lumineers are popular, mainly because of the huge advertising campaign behind them. At one time, several years ago, the Lumineers brand was promoting the option to place Lumineers on top of crowns. So, it is possible you saw something about that. But, the truth is that most patients didn’t like them. There was no shortage of reader complaints and the company no longer promotes this approach. Placing new Lumineers over old ones is similar to the concept of covering crowns with them.

If a dentist was to place new porcelain veneers (Lumineers) over old ones, he or she would essentially be doing them over anyway. For example, the old veneers would require preparation and you would get a much better result if they were simply redone. You also would run the risk of the final product being too thick and not looking natural.

This idea of placing new ones on top of the old ones, really wouldn’t have the staying power of having the smile makeover redone either. When porcelain is bonded onto porcelain, the bond isn’t as strong or successful as if the tooth bonding was done to a natural tooth. Think about this possibility as well, what happens when the veneer underneath has issues? Again, it is in your best interest to have them redone. Otherwise you run the risk of them looking funny and they may stain more easily along the margin.

Also, going back to your original question about your dentist claiming that a whiter color wasn’t available, that is just not right. It sounds like your dentist may be a great general or family dentist. But cosmetic dentistry isn’t his thing. In order to do beautiful cosmetic dentistry, a dentist must undergo extensive training beyond dental school. It also takes a passion for aesthetics and an artistic eye to deliver truly beautiful results. You may not realize that less than two percent of dentists will create a stunning smile makeover. So, maybe it’s time to consult with an expert cosmetic dentist that can give you the smile you have always wanted.



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