CEREC for crowns on front teeth.

 / CEREC for crowns on front teeth.

CEREC for crowns on front teeth.

I fell and broke my two front teeth in a mountain biking accident. My family dentist is telling  me I need to get crowns. A friend told me about CEREC crowns and how they can be done in one day. That is super appealing to me right now because I’m so ready to move on after this accident. But my dentist doesn’t do them. Do I need a referral to go to another dentist? How do I find CEREC dentist in my area?

– Mike in North Carolina


CEREC crowns are very popular among busy professionals and anyone that doesn’t want to deal with the inconvenience of wearing a temporary crown. But same day crowns aren’t always the answer. You need to consider the artistic nature of the work that will be required in order to replace your two front teeth.

Consider this – is convenience more important or a beautiful, natural-looking result? When it comes to your two front teeth, they are highly visible. With traditional porcelain crowns, if you find an excellent cosmetic dentist you will never regret the attention to detail and level of effort he or she will put into your crowns on such high profile cosmetic dentistry. These teeth show everyday, with every smile.

For example, the coloration present in a normal tooth fades throughout the surface, the gloss and translucency, as well as the layers of gradation is hard to get right with CEREC. An expert cosmetic will use a master ceramist that they trust. And for such aesthetically-demanding results as is required on front teeth, you don’t want to cut yourself short.

CEREC crowns are milled on-site out of a single block of ceramic. CEREC makes sense for crowns on back teeth or any other teeth that don’t show when you smile. They look nice, but aren’t always the best fit. Simply put, a machine doesn’t have the artistic ability and training that a cosmetic dentist does. Now, that isn’t to say that there aren’t some cosmetic dentists that will paint on additional layers to make a CEREC crown appear more lifelike. Although, you may want to shift your thinking from convenience to avoiding front teeth that may potentially look fake in appearance.

In closing, you don’t need a referral to find a dentist that offers CEREC. Just google the term “CEREC crowns” in your city. But you may want to do yourself a favour and consult with a skilled cosmetic dentist and put your trust in their ability versus finding the first CEREC dentist that comes up in your search bar.

Best of luck!


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