How do I close my big gap in my teeth? Anything other than Lumineers?

 / How do I close my big gap in my teeth? Anything other than Lumineers?

How do I close my big gap in my teeth? Anything other than Lumineers?

Please tell me I have other options beyond Lumineers and Snap-On smile? I have a pretty big gap in between my two front teeth. I was planning to get Snap-On smile because that’s what my family dentist recommended. I did the x-rays and all the preparation steps and all the info was sent to the company. Then, after all that, the company  said I am not a candidate. I don’t want braces at all. So, I have an appointment with another dentist about Lumineers. My gap is between 8-10 mm. I’m not sure that Lumineers will work right either. I’d love to get your thoughts.

-Sharon in Mississippi


Thank you for reaching out before your Lumineers appointment because this is not the way to go for your case. If you went through with it, you wouldn’t be happy with the results. Your gap of 8-10mm is quite large. You are not a candidate for Lumineers. You need to have the gap closed or see an excellent cosmetic dentist to better explore your options.

You mentioned that you didn’t want braces and I’m assuming you are referring to traditional metal braces. Have you considered Invisalign? This treatment uses clear aligners and highly sophisticated computer technology to re-position teeth gradually. Invisalign would work well to close the gap and it works in about half the time as traditional braces. It is much more comfortable too because there are not metal and brackets. From a conversational distance, no one will know you are wearing the invisible aligners. So, this would be a good treatment option for you to consider. You could estimate approximately a year from start to finish, with new aligners being placed every two weeks.

Also, I mentioned having a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. Not just any dentist is skilled in cosmetic dentistry. Your average family general dentist wouldn’t be the one to look for other recommendations. If a dentist is promoting Lumineers, that is a sign that they are not an expert cosmetic dentist. Most excellent cosmetic dentists don’t choose Lumineers for their patients. There are trademark restrictions that require them to be manufactured in their own laboratory and they deliver results that don’t look as nice as other brands of porcelain veneers. The teeth look dull, and some cases look long and thick. Now, there are other brands of porcelain veneers that may work okay. But, you still may need to have your teeth straightened prior to getting porcelain veneers. You would need to make sure you are meeting with a dentist that knows his or her stuff because it is possible (with an expert cosmetic dentist) to have the gap filled or re-shaped in a way that would look natural and beautiful. But with as large of a gap as you have, it would be difficult for the average dentist on the block.

Some things to consider when you are looking for a great cosmetic dentist would be to first off, have a consultation to see if you feel they are trustworthy. Then, ask them about cases similar to yours regarding working with a large gap in your front teeth. Also, check their credentials and their portfolio of work. Any excellent cosmetic dentist would require extensive training beyond dental school and if they were affiliated with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, that would be a good indicator of their skill level.

Good luck and thank you for reaching out. Lumineers just aren’t right for you. So, hopefully this helps you explore other options.

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