Darn it! How do I get gum off of my Invisalign trays?

 / Darn it! How do I get gum off of my Invisalign trays?

Darn it! How do I get gum off of my Invisalign trays?

Help! My gum addiction is becoming a big problem ever since I got Invisalign. The dentist warned me not to do it. But the other day, I totally popped in a piece of gum without even thinking about it. Gum chewing has been a habit of mine for years. So I didn’t realize it until it was too late. Both Invisalign trays are covered in it. I used a toothbrush to get a bulk of it off. But there are a few stubborn spots remaining. How big of an issue  is it if it doesn’t come off? Are they safe to wear?

– Tanya in Minnesota


Unfortunately, removing gum from Invisalign trays can be a tedious process. You don’t need to hear, “I told you so!” from the dentist. But it may end up that you need their assistance to get it off.

For starters, try a denture brush. The soft bristles of a toothbrush won’t get it all. But a denture brush is more resilient. Or you could try the old wive’s tale of using peanut butter to remove gum. Try placing peanut butter on the Invisalign aligner and let it soak in for several minutes. The oil helps to loosen gum and this technique used with a brush may take care of it. If that doesn’t work, try popping them in the freezer. Every 20 minutes this process can be repeated. The freezing of the gum may help it to flake off of the trays.

If none of these tricks work, it is probably time to call your dentist. They have much more powerful cleaning agents and tools available at the office. Hopefully, that will remove it.

There are some Invisalign patients that swear by sugar-free gums. But, as you know and have now seen firsthand, gum chewing is not recommended. If you cannot break the gum chewing habit and you wear them most of the time, you may be able to enjoy a piece of gum when removing the trays on occasion. Always be sure to clean your teeth after eating or chewing any gum so you don’t promote decay.


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