Dental bonding mistake!

 / Dental bonding mistake!

Dental bonding mistake!

I am so utterly disappointed in the cosmetic dentistry I just had done. I decided to move forward in getting my front tooth gap closed and then some work done to the lateral incisors to make them appear a bit longer. The dentist recommended dental bonding be used to fix my smile. The first thing that I was surprised by was the fact that the color doesn’t match. When I talked to the cosmetic dentist about this, he said the color difference is supposed to match my “eye teeth” but then when I questioned him he stated that the color was consistent on all the work he did. I’m thinking he’s changing his story here. What was it? A darker color for the incisors or not? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter because they don’t look the same. So, when I expressed my dissatisfaction, he wants me to pay more. That, on top of the whitening toothpaste he is telling me to use, even after he had me do tray teeth whitening. Ugh! Have I been duped? Please help! I literally feel like my lateral incisors are grey.

-Carrie in California


Thank you for reaching out. Cosmetic dentistry mistakes are all too common and the more individuals that share stories like yours, future patients will hopefully become increasingly educated.

Most excellent cosmetic dentists feel that the central incisors should actually be lighter then the canine teeth which are darker. This is to create the most natural-looking smile possible. So if the coloration is how you described it, then this is a dental bonding mistake by your cosmetic dentist. A grey color isn’t acceptable.

If you feel the work is not sufficient, you have two main options. You can approach your cosmetic dentist and request that the work be redone and fixed. Or, you can request that the cosmetic dentistry is paid for elsewhere in seeking a different cosmetic dentist. Now, since it sounds as if your dentist is giving you different explanations and you obviously aren’t happy with the first attempt, you may be better served in finding a new cosmetic dentist to fix your dental bonding. Cosmetic dentistry is an art. If this first dentist isn’t able to give you a beautiful result, it is unlikely an artistic, natural result will  happen the second time around with the current dentist.

But it is imperative that you try to refrain from a confrontational demeanor. It sounds like he already is taking the stance that he will charge for any re-work. The thing is teeth whitening isn’t going to solve your problem either because the color is not going to change on the dental bonding. You have a case here. This needs to be redone at his expensive. You have already paid for a beautiful smile and he fell short. He needs to make this right.

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