Dental implants on Groupon – too good to be true?

 / Dental implants on Groupon – too good to be true?

Dental implants on Groupon – too good to be true?

I have been putting of getting a dental implant because let’s face it, I simply can’t afford it. I have been into see three different dentists and I couldn’t afford any of them. Then, what do you know, the best Groupon deal ever from a local dentist came up. His affordable dental implant offer has me ready to go. It is literally 50% off the other dentists fees. How can this be? I mean, I’m sure it’s too good to be true. But is it??? There has to be a catch.

– Michelle in New Jersey


Dental implants are expensive. There is not secret there. But here’s why. The expertise and advanced training required to successfully place dental implants is extensive. There are so many factors involved in the success of a dental implant including the oral surgery, the exact placement of the implant to avoid nerves and puncturing the sinus cavity, as well as the restorative porcelain crown that is directly placed on the implant post. There are also laboratory fees involved. All of these steps influence the fees involved.

So if you are seeing a deal that is half the fee of the other implant dentists you have visited, proceed with caution. Far too many patients are in search of affordable dental implants and end up with a negative experience. Many dentists will lure patients in with these deals and may not have the required expertise or may cut corners on the materials used. This is a red flag. If you end up with an infected dental implant or issues in any part of the process, you may end up spending so much more than the original fee to have everything fixed. That coupled with the risk to your oral health, simply isn’t worth it.

Be careful with deals on Groupon, Living Social, or other Deal of the Day sites. They have reached you with their targeted advertising, but it may cause more heartache than it’s worth in the end.

Trust is key with dental implants. You need to find a qualified implant with the appropriate training and credentials. The right dentist may offer affordable payment plans or work with you on payment as you go. Also, CareCredit is a third-party financing company that has excellent payment options, no-money down, and zero percent financing options. Check them out before you jump at Groupon!


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