Are my dental implants related to my sinus problems?

 / Are my dental implants related to my sinus problems?

Are my dental implants related to my sinus problems?

I have never had any sinus problems, my entire life, until I had my dental implants. It has been almost six months now since the implants were placed in my jaw and I have been suffering form sinus pain and infections ever since. I am miserable and it has to stop. It is interfering with everything I do. I have to at least wonder if the dental implants and the sinus issues are related. But when I took my concern to my dentist, he looked at me like I was crazy. I have been on antibiotics, over-the-counter meds, and tried many home remedies to alleviate my sinus symptoms. Is there something wrong with the implants? And just because my dentist doesn’t agree, is there anyone else I could talk to in order to see if they could be related? My dentist just keeps telling me to go to a general physician who keeps prescribing me more medication. This has to stop!

– Cheryl in West Virgina


Sorry you are miserable. Has your dentist examined your dental implants since you have had all these sinus issues? Or did he simply redirect you elsewhere? If he hasn’t considered the possibility that the two are related, than it may be time to seek a second opinion. Many implant dentists have panoramic x-ray machines or three-dimensional scanning to give a complete picture of all the nerve endings and of your sinus cavity area. This information may be very beneficial in investigating the precise placement of the implants, and should show evidence that may link the two or help to eliminate the possibility.

So if your dentist hasn’t entertained the possibility, you need to see someone new. An Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) otolaryngologist would be an option or another implant dentist that uses sophisticated CT (3D) scanning to diagnose potential problems would be your best bet.

In some cases dental implants can impinge the sinus cavity if there was any error in the placement of the post. If left untreated, the implant may become loose, or infected, and dental implant failure may be a matter of time. You shouldn’t be suffering from a sinus infection for that length of time. Best of luck to you!



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