Did I get knock-off Invisalign aligners?

 / Did I get knock-off Invisalign aligners?

Did I get knock-off Invisalign aligners?

Is it possible that I was given knock-off Invisalign aligners? I ask, because my cousin has Invisalign and her trays are clear and virtually invisible. Mine on the other hand, are stained in the first week. I do everything I was told to take care of them. I use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean them in the morning and at night when I usually brush. I am super frustrated because I paid too much money to have this happening. The whole point was for others not to see them, right? Is there anyway to find out? My dentist obviously isn’t going to tell me, so asking is pointless.

– Elizabeth in California,


Interesting question you bring up. The good news is that there is a way to see if the Invisalign aligners your dentist gave you are the real thing. There should be a trademark on the surface of the tray, as well as a series of numbers which is your patient identification number. It should also show whether that particular aligner is to used on the top or bottom. There are some “generic” aligners on the market made my other companies, but the trademark information should be easily visible if they are legit.

If indeed they are Invisalign brand aligners, there may be another reason your aligners seem very susceptible to stains. Unfortunately, it may actually be caused in the way you are cleaning them. Although a toothbrush is safe and will not damage them, toothpaste tends to be abrasive. So if you it has any kind of teeth whitening agent in the formula, it can be highly abrasive and can make tiny scratches in the surface of the aligners. Those tiny scratches are where the food and stains are settling in. You should give the Invisalign Cleaning System a try. All it takes is a simple rinse, toothbrush, and re-rinsing with lukewarm water per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Thanks for your question.



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