Is CEREC as good as porcelain veneers?

 / Is CEREC as good as porcelain veneers?

Is CEREC as good as porcelain veneers?

I’m about to turn the big 5-0! I’ve always told myself that I should get my smile redone for my birthday because my teeth aren’t so great. They have chips and cracks, and all around look lacklustre. So I have been talking to my dentist about getting porcelain veneers done. He is telling me that CEREC is the way to go because he has the machine in-house. I have had a CEREC crown by him and it is okay, but I want my smile to be beautiful. I am wondering the difference between using CEREC or getting porcelain veneers done by a cosmetic dentist. I don’t want to spend a ton of money and just feel like they look okay. Do you think I should see someone else?

-Janie in Minnesota


Some dentists swear by CEREC machines. They are convinced that the CEREC technology delivers results that are just as great as sending them out to a master ceramist. You need to understand something about cosmetic dentistry. It is an art. But it is not considered a specialty area within dentistry so any general dentist can do porcelain veneers. But the result may not be what you are after. A cosmetic dentist is passionate about creating beauty and less than 2% of dentists actually possess the high skill level required to give amazing results. It takes extensive training beyond dental school and a real passion for creating beauty.

Try this. Google CEREC veneers. See what comes up. Look closely at the gumline and examine the shape of the teeth. Do they look natural? The before and after comparison may show an improved smile, but it’s unlikely it is breath-taking.

Porcelain veneers are probably the best solution for your situation. And it sounds like you may want to explore your options beyond your dentist if he is swearing by the CEREC machine. Ask to see examples of his work, especially for cases similar to yours. Ask about his or her credentials, training, and if they have any kind of satisfaction guarantee.

You may discuss porcelain veneers with your dentist now, but don’t force him to do them. You never want to force a dentist to do something out of their comfort zone. If you don’t like his gallery, then it is confirming what is sounds like you may already know. Talk to an expert cosmetic dentist in your area to see for yourself. Don’t settle with such a life-changing treatment. You deserve it!

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