Is it common for porcelain veneers to have a bump?

 / Is it common for porcelain veneers to have a bump?

Is it common for porcelain veneers to have a bump?

My two front teeth have been troublesome over the years. I have had them bonded but they kept needing replaced, so I decided to try out porcelain veneers. Well, that didn’t work for me either. I felt like they looked bulky. So the next dentist decided to do bonding again. That was a joke, my teeth have never looked worse. So onto the next dentist that is swearing by porcelain veneers that require shaving of the enamel? It is like a little bump near the gum line apparently? Is that common? I have about had it. But I’m hoping third (or fourth) time is a charm.

I have the temporaries in now and they look okay. I have seen a lot of photos and they have a hump near the gum line. Is there a brand that doesn’t have the hump? I’d love some advice because this is getting kind of ridiculous.

– Paulette in Florida


It sounds like you are experiencing a lot of general dentists that may claim to do cosmetic dentistry. Sadly, they may not have had the expertise required to deliver beautiful results. If you are seeing humps near the gum from your current dentist, you may want to cut your losses before the permanent ones are placed. In order to do beautiful porcelain veneers, a cosmetic dentist must have much advanced training and an artistic eye. Cosmetic dentistry is not regulated so any dentist can claim to do veneers. But as you can see, you have had several failed attempts.

The bottom line is that there should be no hump or bump or any visible distinction from where the natural tooth ends and the veneer begins. If there is any kind of area that is not seamless, you run the risk of bacteria and plaque getting into that area.

It sounds like you have gotten yourself in quite a predicament going from one dentist to another. An expert cosmetic dentist should be able to create beautiful dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or porcelain crowns. Since the front teeth are indeed so visible you need to do some research and ask to see cases similar to yours, as well as inquire about the dentist’s training and credentials. It’s not about the right brand or you selecting the right treatment plan, it’s all about selecting the right cosmetic dentist.

Since you are already in the process of moving forward with this dentist, it is understandable you feel obligated to give it a shot. If you do decide to stay with this dentist, be sure to get a try-in appointment so you can see exactly what the new permanent porcelain veneers will look like before they are bonded in place once and for all. Don’t take his or her word for it. Make sure you have the opportunity to see exactly how they will look, so you know that you’ll like them. Don’t let the dentist tell you that they will look better after they’ve been bonded. As you now, that’s too late! An excellent cosmetic dentist will insist that you love the way the look. To them, their work is a failure if you don’t fall in love with them.



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