Is the mall teeth whitening really Zoom?

 / Is the mall teeth whitening really Zoom?

Is the mall teeth whitening really Zoom?

I have been thinking about getting my teeth whitened and have called to a couple dentist offices about Zoom. Unfortunately it’s too expensive for me. One of the dentists I called said he could give me some take home whitening system but it wasn’t Zoom. I came across this mall kiosk that offered bleaching and I think it said it was Zoom. But how can they offer Zoom whitening for only a hundred bucks? Is it too good to be true?

– Gina in Georgia


Your instincts are probably correct. The mall kiosk whitening system is likely not Zoom whitening. Maybe they had a sign that said it was comparable or like Zoom. But Zoom whitening is created to be done by a professional dentist. They need to oversee the whitening process to ensure everything goes well. It is difficult to give you much more info on that mall whitening kiosk because there is no way to know what kind of whitening agent or active ingredient it contains. It is possible it is hydrogen peroxide or possibly carmaide peroxide. If it does actually contain these agents, it may be effective. Again, there is just no way to know for sure without going back and asking more about it.

Many people jump into a deal like the one at the mall and then have problems because the staff typically aren’t dental professionals. At a dental office the whole treatment and visit will be closely monitored and you know without a doubt their products are strong and will deliver dramatic results. A dentist cannot offer this type of system without certain safety processes in place.

There are Zoom-like systems outside of dentist offices that have left people with horror stories like burned gums and extremely sensitive teeth. So although the teeth whitening deal is good, it’s still best to go through a dentist’s office.

Another important factor that isn’t controlled in a mall setting is the sterilization. There is a good chance the equipment to properly sanitize the equipment and instruments is not available in a retail setting. Again, you are also dealing with potentially untrained staff. So there is likely an increased risk for infection occurring in a non-controlled environment.

At the off-chance the mall retailer you are referring to does offer Zoom whitening, remember it’s the professional that is administering it that is the most important. So be careful. Maybe it would be wise to look into the take-home trays that the dentist you called was mentioning. Although, the results take a little longer, take-home professional teeth whitening is very effective if done correctly. Take home trays are also less expensive.


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