Is there Hope for My Lumineers Nightmare?

 / Is there Hope for My Lumineers Nightmare?

Is there Hope for My Lumineers Nightmare?

I literally spent thousands of dollars to have Lumineers done across my four front teeth. They didn’t feel right from the moment my dentist put them on, but they told me I would adjust. Sadly, I have not been given the opportunity, because the darn things keep falling off. Seriously, not two days later after they were put on, I was back in the office having one of them put on again. A couple days later, another one popped off. This has been going on for months and I don’t think I’ve gone two weeks without having to go back in. I just finished eating dinner and I realized my teeth felt funny, so I went and looked and two of them are gone. TWO! I think I must have swallowed them with dinner. Now that’s a concern for obvious reasons, but I’m also worried the dentist is going to charge me for a whole new set because I don’t have anything for him to glue back on this time. I really wish I had never had them done in the first place. What should I do?


Peter in Washington

Dear Peter,

First off, swallowing your Lumineers probably isn’t a huge cause for concern. These things tend to pass without issue and you probably won’t even notice when it leaves your system. The fact that they keep coming off, however, is a concern. Your dentist is bonding them wrong, and he should have figured that out by now. Or he should have come up with an alternate treatment if he couldn’t get them to work. If you want to stick with Lumineers, you should find a cosmetic dentist who does them frequently and has a high rate of success.

There was nothing that you could have done to prevent the issues- it’s a technique error. As such, it’s your dentist’s responsibility to repair or replace them. If you feel confident enough that your dentist can perform an alternate treatment, perhaps porcelain veneers, you might have some success. The only other real alternative is to ask for a refund and find a cosmetic dentist who can repair or redo the work.

Also, you probably don’t want to hear this now, but the best cosmetic dentists refuse to place Lumineers. Each has their own reasons, but the majority feel that a much more beautiful result can be done with other brands of porcelain veneers. So, if you aren’t confident that your current dentist can give you a smile you will fall in love with, it’s time to move on. Not just any dentist can do cosmetic dentistry well. But since it’s not a regulated field within dentistry, any dentist can claim to do it without any extra training. So be careful in asking your dentist to do something he isn’t completely confident in. Or you could be looking at a bigger nightmare than you are already dealing with. Thank you for your question. Hopefully, it helps someone else considering Lumineers.

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