Lip stuck on Lumineers. Is this a scare tactic by my dentist?

 / Lip stuck on Lumineers. Is this a scare tactic by my dentist?

Lip stuck on Lumineers. Is this a scare tactic by my dentist?

I went into my dentist because I have heard about how Lumineers can give a Hollywood smile, without a Hollywood price tag. Well, my dentist went on and on about how many unsatisfied Lumineers patients he has seen. He was telling me about all these problems, including that some girl’s lip kept getting stuck on them. Is he just trying to scare me and talk me into more expensive porcelain veneers?

– Angela in Nevada


Thank you for your question. Lumineers are a particular brand of ultra-thin porcelain veneers. The big selling point that the company promotes is that they don’t require any tooth preparation. Traditional veneers require a tiny portion of the enamel to be shaved down, ever so slightly. This step is important for traditional veneers because it creates a seamless, undetectable look.

Your dentist may have approached the topic in a way that feels like you are being talked out of it. But the truth is that many excellent cosmetic dentists do not like Lumineers. This particular brand of veneers is required to be created in Den-Mat’s (the manufacturer) laboratory. So this requirement limits the creativity and artistry of a skilled cosmetic dentist. Also, he is correct that many Lumineers patients are not happy. Since the tooth preparation step is skipped, Lumineers can sometimes make your teeth look bulky and longer than normal, and it isn’t unheard of to cause difficulty speaking or getting the lip stuck on them. So instead of going to your dentist and telling him you want a certain treatment, you’d be much better off to seek the talents of a true cosmetic dentist that is passionate about creating beauty. And let him or her recommend the best cosmetic dentistry treatment for your unique facial features, complexion, personality, and smile design goals. Even though Lumineers may be less expensive, if you are going to invest in this kind of money in cosmetic dentistry, you want to love your new smile. Don’t settle for anything less than absolutely loving it.

Hopefully, this information is helpful.


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