Is Listerine ruining my porcelain veneers?

 / Is Listerine ruining my porcelain veneers?

Is Listerine ruining my porcelain veneers?

I have always used Listerine. I love the way it makes my breath smell. Well, I am beginning to wonder if this is what is causing my porcelain veneers to turn grey. I use Colgate daily, so maybe the combination of the two products is damaging to the cosmetic dentistry work I’ve had done? My dentist never cautioned me on staying away from any brand of oral products. Is it possible these products are ruining my veneers? Please let me know your thoughts.

-Jess in Idaho


It is quite unfortunate that your cosmetic dentist failed to advise you on the best practices to keep your porcelain veneers looking beautiful. You are on the right track. It sounds like your oral hygiene products may be damaging your dental work. Listerine contains alcohol and is not recommended for anyone with porcelain veneers. Also, it is important to use a soft toothbrush for daily brushing because harder bristles can be abrasive and damaging to your veneers. Colgate itself shouldn’t be an issue. That said, if it is one of the teeth whitening or tartar control types, the formulation may be too abrasive for your veneers too. Many excellent cosmetic dentists will recommend a product that works well for porcelain veneers, called Supersmile.

All that to be said, these products shouldn’t be the cause of the grey discoloration your are experiencing. When a patient’s porcelain veneers are turning grey, it is typically the type of porcelain that was used. Or it is possible that something has damaged the glaze that protects the veneers. Then, bacteria and food particles can compromise the color and overall longevity of your cosmetic dentistry. Or it is quite possible that the cosmetic dentistry may have been damaged during one of your cleanings by a dental hygienist. A Prophy Jet or any polishing equipment is damaging to cosmetic dentistry. It may be time to visit a new cosmetic dentist to evaluate what has happened and offer the best solution to improve the appearance.


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