My Lumineers look gray.

 / My Lumineers look gray.

My Lumineers look gray.

I saved up for months to get Lumineers done a few months ago. I ended up getting a total of six done so that my front teeth that show when I smile, looked great. I decided to get Lumineers because I really liked that there was no shaving down required like there is with porcelain veneers. Well, even while I was still at the appointment where the dentist did them, I didn’t really think the color looked right. I thought they were discolored and the best way to describe it was that they looked gray. When I expressed my disappointment to the dentist, he told me that Lumineers look different in different lighting. He kept reassuring me that I’d get used to them and they looked good. But, I honestly feel like they have never been white. And over time I feel like they are looking worse. Is there any way the color can be corrected? Is it possible the Lumineers company gave us the wrong color?

– Jess in New Jersey,

Well, this is unfortunate on many levels. First, your dentist didn’t sound like he really took your reservations seriously. It is not likely that the Lumineers came as the wrong shade or color. Each order is manufactured preciously to each patient’s specifications. That’s not to be said that your dentist didn’t order them properly.

Anyway, another possibility is that there may be some discoloration on your natural teeth that is showing through the very thin Lumineers. Or it could even be the tooth bonding agent that was used and may be giving a discolored appearance. Still another possibility is that the dentist failed to properly seal them when they are permanently applied. If this is indeed the case, then there could be bacteria and food particles that are contributing to the discoloration.

As you can see, it is difficult to assess exactly where things went wrong. Also, there is pretty much zero chance of having them removed successfully without them breaking. So, this means they cannot be returned and recolored at this stage. Most excellent cosmetic dentists will have you give the okay that you love the way your porcelain veneers look before they are permanently bonded.

You can do your best to make your case to the dentist that placed them. Although, it doesn’t sound like he has been very helpful thus far. It may be in your best interest to seek a second opinion from another cosmetic dentist in your area. Maybe your original dentist will help off-set the cost to have them re-done. Sorry. Wish there was better news.


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