Is it normal for porcelain veneers to come off every couple months?

 / Is it normal for porcelain veneers to come off every couple months?

Is it normal for porcelain veneers to come off every couple months?

I am wondering if I made a big mistake. I just had four porcelain veneers done on top and four on the bottom. As I was getting ready to leave, the dentist mentioned in passing that in a couple months they may come off. He didn’t act like it was any big deal and he said it happens every few months. He suggested avoiding crunchy foods and apples to help them last longer. What?! This would have been good to know BEFORE getting the porcelain veneers done.

-Shannon in Indiana


No! Porcelain veneers should not come off every few months. If they are done correctly, porcelain veneers should last for over 10 years or more. So, here’s the deal. If they do indeed come off, you need to demand a refund. This kind of thinking is simply not okay.

All dentists adhere to a certain “standard of care” to their patients. Even though cosmetic dentistry is different because it is more aesthetically driven, having porcelain veneers that fall off after a short time does not meet this standard. Sadly, the standard of care for cosmetic dentistry doesn’t compare to general dentistry. For example, if the veneers look bad, it could be perceived one way to you and another to a different patient. That is a somewhat gray area. But, they should absolutely stay on. And if they don’t you may have grounds to pursue legal recourse.

Also, you mention to avoid certain foods with your new porcelain veneers. Aside from opening a beer bottle with your teeth or other common sense practices, you should be able to eat any kind of food you’d like. You shouldn’t have to avoid crunchy foods!

In fact, you should try an apple. If the veneers pop off now, it may be better to know right off the bat. Because if porcelain veneers have been bonded properly, you will have no issue with the foods you eat.

Other than wearing mouth protection in contact sports and avoiding eating metal or rocks, you should not have to worry about the functionality of your porcelain veneers. Or if you tend to grind your teeth at night, it may be good to pursue a nightguard to protect them from the sustained stress of grinding.

Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully, it helps someone else out. Unfortunately, you may not have seen an experienced cosmetic dentist for your work. Keep an eye on them. I’m curious to hear how this turns out. Please keep us updated.


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