Pain from CEREC crowns

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Pain from CEREC crowns

I had three CEREC crowns done a couple weeks ago and now when I’m chewing it hurts. The crowns are on some back teeth and I cannot really avoid eating with them. The pain is like a shooting nerve pain. I went back in and the dentist shaved them two different times. He told me that I chew like a “cow” and that is probably where the pain is coming from. I have never heard that phrase before and needless to say didn’t like being told I chew like a cow. I’m beginning to wonder about the dentist now because the teeth never hurt prior to the crown work. So how can it be attributed to the way I chew? Do you know what’s going on? I don’t feel like I should have to choose soft foods because I’m scared my teeth will hurt.

– Vicki in South Carolina


The pain you are describing wouldn’t be attributed to the CEREC crowns, but more likely due to the fact that the fit is not correct. This could happen with any type of porcelain crown or restoration, including CEREC crowns, if they weren’t adjusted properly. Typically this occurs less frequently with CEREC because the computer fabricates the crown.

There are two reasons why this pain could be taking place. First, if the bite is too high than that crown is what hits first during your chewing. This could make the tooth very sensitive. But if you have had it adjusted multiple times, then there is a possibility that the tooth may be infected. The inflammation from the infection can give you pain, eventually moving into your jaw. And it could be increasingly aggravated during chewing.

Since you have been back in twice to have them shave it down, it may be time that the dentist do an x-ray to see if the tooth is infected That said, your dentist should be making these recommendations and investigating this possibility at this point. Also, infection is sometimes difficult to detect in an x-ray so you may be better off going into an endodontist which specializes in root canal treatments.

You shouldn’t still be having that kind of intense pain after the CEREC crowns were done. Call an endodontist and ask to be seen sooner than later.


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