Pain After Dental Bonding: What’s the Fix?

 / Pain After Dental Bonding: What’s the Fix?

Pain After Dental Bonding: What’s the Fix?

I had a fair amount of dental bonding done a few weeks ago. The vast majority of it was for cosmetic reasons, but I did have a couple of cavities as well. The doctor said it would be easier on me if I did it all in one visit and I assumed he was right. Since then, my teeth have been very sensitive and it seems to be getting worse. It actually hurts on one side every time I bite. I called the office and asked about it and the lady said I’d get used to it over time. If this was true, I would think it would have stopped by now. Is there something else I need to be doing?

Thank you,

Shirley in Minnesota

Dear Shirley,

Actually, it sounds like you need to go back to the dentist. The dental bonding could need to be smoothed out a little bit. When you have excess material, it affects your bite and the constant unnatural banging on your other teeth can become painful. That’s why it hurts more when you bite down. Since the tooth is already upset, the pain lingers on for some time after. Some people report having shooting pains or jaw pain when their recent filling needs an adjustment as well. This isn’t something that gets better on its own. In fact, letting it go can further traumatize the tooth and the one that it’s biting against, which may result in the need for additional treatment. You’ll have to go in to have it smoothed out.

There are other issues it could be as well. It’s possible there’s something going on with the tooth or the dental bonding, too. If the tooth is just irritated, something like that would likely settle down on its own. Taking ibuprofen to help the inflammation may speed up recovery time with things like that. At other times, if the tooth was traumatized or the cavity was deep, a root canal may become necessary for your comfort and the long-term retention of the tooth.

It’s a little disappointing that the office staff didn’t suggest that you go in and have the dental bonding checked out and adjusted. That’s generally the first step when someone feels uncomfortable after a filling. Start with that and, if you don’t feel relief within a week or so, you may need to start looking into other possible causes for the discomfort.

Sometimes teeth really do need a little rest to settle down, but you’ll start to gradually feel better as time passes and it sounds like your pain is getting worse. Unexplained pain should never be ignored, and certainly not if it’s progressive. Get this checked out as soon as you can.


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