My porcelain veneer came off. Can I see an emergency dentist to fix it?

 / My porcelain veneer came off. Can I see an emergency dentist to fix it?

My porcelain veneer came off. Can I see an emergency dentist to fix it?

I’m mortified because I look silly. One of my porcelain veneers came off. I’m sure this isn’t a dental emergency under normal circumstances, but I have a job interview in two days. My dentist doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal. So I’m considering seeing an emergency dentist. I guess they don’t see this as an urgent need and their schedule will not allow it. Can I just Super Glue the veneer back on to get through the interview?

-Tracy in Arizona


Please don’t use Super Glue! That would be a dental nightmare, to say the least. Yes, it will hold it in place for your job interview. But you may cause serious damage to the tooth underneath. Let’s put it this way. If you use Super Glue to reattach it, you will increase the chances of creating a dental emergency. It could stick too well, or you may not get the seal done correctly. Bacteria flourishes under circumstances like that. This means you will be dealing with tooth decay too. The veneer could break and irreversible damage can be done to your natural tooth. So, please do not use Super Glue!

Your dentist probably leaves space in the daily schedule for dental emergencies, but something like this may not be as urgent as someone in pain. A cosmetic dentist may feel differently and better accommodate your needs. But, since you aren’t a regular patient of record, it may still be difficult to get in to a new dentist before your job interview. For the short term, you may want to consider temporary dental cement. You can find this at your local drug store. It is most often used for a dental crown, but it will work safely to reattach your porcelain veneer. Just remember that this is a temporary fix. Decay can happen quickly if the tooth isn’t checked out. It also may be decay which caused the veneer to pop off in the first place. If you decide to try the temporary cement, try to avoid eating and drinking on the tooth. Then, get into see your dentist at the earliest convenience.

Thank you for your question and good luck on the job interview.


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