My porcelain veneers are way too white!

 / My porcelain veneers are way too white!

My porcelain veneers are way too white!

Please help! I feel like I am living a porcelain veneers nightmare! I had nine porcelain veneers done a little over a month ago. They were placed on my lower teeth. When the dentist showed them to me when they came back from the lab, I told him they were way too white. So, he returned them and had them redone. I requested the new color blend in with my existing natural teeth.

Well, I came back when they were ready and he went ahead and permanently cemented them before I could even see them. But they’re terrible! They don’t blend in. They are way too white! I am in a wedding very soon and I look ridiculous, think Ross from that Friends episode with his glowing white teeth – but just on the bottom!

Not to mention, one of the veneers broke already after only a couple weeks of them being permanently cemented. When I left the dentist, he said he would cover any issues for two years without me having to pay. But, I’m wondering if that is odd? Should I be concerned that I will have more issues? I am beginning to thing this was a terrible investment. Do you think I can go see another dentist to get an independent opinion to make sure I’m not crazy? Please tell me there is hope.

-Jeff in Indiana


It is always difficult to give specific recommendations without having see your case in person. The first major red flag is (if I’m understanding correctly) that the dentist permanently bonded the porcelain veneers to your teeth when you didn’t realize he was doing that. It sounds like the second time they arrived from the lab, he placed them without showing you. Is that correct? If you didn’t give your consent, he could be in hot water.

You are required to give consent on any medical or dental procedure. Otherwise, you are dealing with what could be perceived as malpractice. It’s sounding doubtful that the dentist you saw was a true cosmetic dentist, because no cosmetic dentist would go ahead with the permanent placement unless they were absolutely sure you loved the color and look. Messing up the color not once, but twice is a big problem.

Another concern is that the porcelain veneer has broken after only a couple weeks. This usually is due to the bonding to the tooth being faulty. Cosmetic dentistry requires extensive training and understanding with dental bonding techniques and technologies. And it is sounding like your dentist may have been out of his league. A porcelain veneer is strengthened from the bond. They are fragile until they are bonded. But when they are applied properly, they can endure biting forces and daily use for many years.

In regard to the color being wrong, you may be able to get away with whiter than normal teeth if they were on top. But super white veneers on bottom teeth will look funny because the lower teeth are normally shadowed. You have every right to question your dentist. This doesn’t sound like work that is acceptable.

You are on the right track to consider seeking a second opinion. With their buy-in and agreement that the work is sub-standard, it may give you the extra boost you need to pursue a refund. You shouldn’t have to settle. You have many issues going on with your case and maybe even be able to get a lawyer involved. The color sounds off, the veneers were applied without you fully understanding what was happening and you have a broken veneer. Hopefully the dentist will work with you on the refund, so you can go can get the work corrected.

Thank you for your question.


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