Is it possible to get Lumineers if I grind my teeth?

 / Is it possible to get Lumineers if I grind my teeth?

Is it possible to get Lumineers if I grind my teeth?

I have been unhappy with the way my teeth look for over a decade. I just haven’t been in position financially to make the investment in improving them. But I’m starting to think it is time to explore my options. My friend has recommended Lumineers and I think I would like to try them. But I do grind my teeth at night. Will they still work for me? If I don’t disclose the fact that I grind to the dentist, about how long will they last? I would be happy to get them replaced if they won’t hold up. I’m just so sick of the way my teeth look. I don’t want the dentist to tell me I’m not a candidate when I’m finally ready to move forward.

– Louise in Maryland


It is very important to be upfront and honest with your dentist. You shouldn’t keep information from any health professional when you are seeking treatment of any kind. Grinding your teeth may not necessarily disqualify you from being a Lumineers candidate, but that information is imperative so the dentist can make the best recommendation.

The lifespan of Lumineers may be lessened if you grind, but there are so many factors involved with grinding, including the frequency, cause, etc. It is nearly impossible to estimate how long they will last. Your dentist may suggest a night guard. This works very well in protecting your teeth, including all types of porcelain veneers. It would be good to address the grinding issue and have a TMJ specialist or dentist help to diagnose the cause. Sometimes relaxation techniques and other TMJ treatments are beneficial in reducing grinding and clenching.

The best advice would be complete honesty. It is possible to achieve a beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry even with your grinding. If the grinding is also addressed it will increase the longevity of whatever treatment is done.

If restorations are taken care of, they can last for many years. In some cases porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers can last for over a decade. But the key is taking care of them and for you that may be a night guard or appliance of some sort. Good luck in pursuing your beautiful smile.


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