What would you recommend to fix a crooked front tooth?

 / What would you recommend to fix a crooked front tooth?

What would you recommend to fix a crooked front tooth?

I haven’t been able to find the right dentist to help me with my crooked teeth. Every dentist I see, seems to have a different recommendation. How am I supposed to know what to do? I have a crooked front tooth, like really crooked. It goes behind the neighboring front tooth. Do you think Invisalign is an option or will I be stuck with braces? Or is it possible I could have it pulled? Please tell me you have some advice.

-Beck in Colorado


Thank you for your question. It is always difficult to give specific recommendations without having seen your case in person. But, if you are an adult, Invisalign may be a legitimate option. Also, porcelain veneers, if they are done by an expert cosmetic dentist, may help you get the appearance of straight teeth. But it cannot be expressed enough that when dealing with the aesthetics of a smile, you need to find an excellent cosmetic dentist. Not just any dentist does beautiful cosmetic dentistry. Be sure to look into their experience with similar cases and credentials, in order to find the right fit.

Whatever you do, don’t pull the tooth. You may have received that kind of recommendation from one of the dentist, but your smile will simply not look right. Having an uneven number of teeth in your smile will look strange. You want to have symmetrical, straight smile and you cannot accomplish that if you are missing one of your front teeth. Did the dentist that recommended this treatment suggest replacing the tooth with a dental implant? Even so, this would not be the ideal treatment option. It would be in your best interest to find a dentist that will do whatever possible to keep your natural tooth.

Now, depending on how crooked the tooth is, it is possible that porcelain veneers may help. It all depends on the position of the crooked front tooth. So, you should continue exploring Invisalign. It would also be wise to consult with a cosmetic dentist, especially one that also offers Invisalign.

Good luck to you. Hopefully this helps you realize you do have options, beyond pulling the tooth.

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