Is it risky to use a Zoom whitening special?

 / Is it risky to use a Zoom whitening special?

Is it risky to use a Zoom whitening special?

I love my regular dentist. I have been seeing him since I was five years old. I have had no problems and trust him completely. But, I have been really wanting to whiten my teeth and haven’t been able to afford it. When I saw a Zoom whitening ad for a neighboring town, I felt very tempted to jump ship. I think it’s a new patient special where they give you Zoom, as an incentive. I feel really guilty and almost unethical by even thinking about this option. But it would a great way to whiten my smile. Also, I’m very concerned that it’s too good to be true and it may be a red flag or safety concern. Can you tell me your thoughts?

-Jess in New Jersey,


There is nothing wrong with checking out deals, especially if Zoom whitening is something you have wanted for awhile now. That said, dentistry isn’t the same as carpet cleaning or some other service that is highly marketed. One of the things you need to look out for is the fine print. The coupon may offer Zoom whitening, but in actuality it could be a much lesser form of teeth whitening that may require you investing a lot of time into getting results. The Zoom you are likely attracted to is the one visit, in-office treatment. It’s not any kind of take-home whitening method. So, be on the lookout for that.

Also, you need to make sure you find out if you are required to pay for the exam, cleaning, and x-rays in order to be eligible for the free Zoom whitening. This may add up quickly and you have to ask yourself, if taking that kind of chance on a new dentist you have no experience with, is really worth it. Now, you may be in position where your dental insurance will cover the entire appointment and then it wouldn’t cost you anything additionally.

To be honest, you may want to consider discussing your interest in teeth whitening with your current dentist. First, you will be able to find out if indeed you are a good candidate. Also, if you are upfront about your budget concerns, your current dentist may be willing to work with you on payment or set up an affordable payment plan that works for your budget. You probably shouldn’t rule out your regular dentist completely. Although, Zoom need to be administered by experienced professionals too. If you find out you are candidate and that your current dentist doesn’t provide the service, then it may make sense to try another dentist. Just be very clear on what the offer includes and excludes so you don’t have any surprises when the bill arrives in the mail.


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