Is there a designation required to place dental implants?

My teeth are in bad shape and it sounds like I am going to need dental implants to restore my smile. I know it is best to replace missing teeth with dental implants and I have done a lot of research. The timing if finally here for me to consider moving forward. Do I need […]

Affordable dental implants made my smile ugly.

I took advantage of a commercial offer I saw on television for affordable dental implants. I did my research and all the reviews I came across seemed to be okay. I had two teeth that needed to be replaced on the bottom and the estimate I got from the implant dentist included the surgery and […]

Can I get my dental implants whitened?

I have been really happy with my dental implants. They are in place of my two front teeth. They are holding up well and look really natural. Although, I still cringe when I look in the mirror because I don’t love my smile. I’d like to get some cosmetic dentistry done to improve my look. […]

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