Can teens use Invisalign?

My front teeth are so ugly. They are crooked and one sticks out really far. I really don’t want to be a brace face though. Can I use Invisalign if I am only 13? I heard it was only good for adults, not teens. Do you know if it’s cheaper than braces? I want to […]

Is It Possible To Switch From Braces to Invisalign?

I’m pretty sure my mom convinced my orthodontist to just say you can’t switch from braces to invisalign to shut me up. I wanted Invisalign to begin with, but my mom says I lose things too often. She’s right. I do lose things, but this is something that was important to me and I would […]

Are Lingual Braces or Invisalign Better for Adults?

I’m trying to choose between finding an Invisalign dentist or one who does lingual braces. I’m 43 now and had braces when I was in my 20s, so my teeth aren’t too bad, but I’d like to correct the little bits that have shifted and make them even again. At the same time, I don’t […]

Is Invisalign a holistic approach?

My teenager needs braces and our dentist is recommending a local orthodontist. But my daughter has a severe nickel allergy so I am really more interested in Invisalign. The orthodontist didn’t even seem like he considered Invisalign as an option and said he needs ceramic braces. But I don’t want her to have braces. I […]

Do I Have to Get Buttons With My Invisalign Treatment?

My orthodontist just drew up a plan for me to get Invisalign. I’m not really worried about any of it except for the buttons he said I needed. A friend of mine has them as well and constantly complains about the awkwardness and irritation caused by them, but I also know people who didn’t get […]

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