I was told I’m not a porcelain veneers candidate. Is that true?

 / I was told I’m not a porcelain veneers candidate. Is that true?

I was told I’m not a porcelain veneers candidate. Is that true?

I am so disappointed to hear my cosmetic dentist tell me I’m not a candidate for porcelain veneers. He blamed it on my overbite because my top teeth come down over my bottom teeth when me mouth is closed. So, his solution is six porcelain crowns on my top teeth. He also mentioned that crowns were the way to go because of tetracycline stains on my front teeth. Does this sounds like an appropriate treatment plan? I really was hoping to get porcelain veneers because I don’t want to have my front teeth all shaved down to stubs, unless it’s the only way to fix my smile. Also, can my bottom teeth be whitened to match the top ones after the cosmetic dentistry is complete?

Please let me know your thoughts?


Tami in Nevada


It’s a good thing you reached out. Your intuition is right. You don’t want crowns on all your teeth because there are other options where you don’t have to have them ground down. And the overbite concern the dentist provided is also inaccurate. Porcelain veneers are applied to the front of the teeth, so no work needs to be done on the back of the front teeth. For individuals with an overbite, porcelain veneers are the better choice.

Here is what is likely happening. Not every dentist is experienced in doing cosmetic dentistry. It actually takes extensive training beyond dental school. It sounds like porcelain crowns are within your dentist’s comfort zone and porcelain veneers are not. So, first of all, you never want to push a dentist out of their comfort zone. But your overbite is not an issue that should exclude you from porcelain veneers.

Also, not every dentist is experienced in treating tetracycline stains. This kind of stains requires an expert cosmetic dentist. t sounds like it’s time to find an excellent cosmetic dentist in your area. You can still see your general dentist for routine exams, cleaning and maintenance. If you can find a cosmetic dentist that is accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) that would be a great starting point.

Then, during the consultation, listen to their recommendations. Find out about their training and experience, specifically with tetracycline cases and an overbite. Porcelain veneers can be used to successfully treat your case, but ask to see before and after photos of cases similar to yours.

In regard to whitening your lower teeth, it takes a powerful formulation of teeth whitening agents to treat tetracycline stains. Kor whitening may be the best choice to address that. But an excellent cosmetic dentist will be able to present you with all the options and will absolutely be able to match the new porcelain veneers to your bottom teeth.

A beautiful smile can be yours, when you find the right cosmetic dentist. Thank you for your question. Hopefully, this was helpful.


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