Ugly brown line on my dental implant.

 / Ugly brown line on my dental implant.

Ugly brown line on my dental implant.

My dental implant has functioned great. I have had it for several years now and have been very happy. But several months ago, I started noticing what looks like a brown line that is showing up. When I was in for a cleaning last, I totally spaced it. I meant to talk to the hygienist about it. And I was actually hoping it would come off from the polishing during the appointment. I didn’t notice it afterward, but then it has reappeared. Is there a problem all of the sudden? If it’s not a big deal, than I don’t want to go back into the dentist. But how can a stain come up out of nowhere. Have you heard of something like this?

– Daniel in Ohio


The porcelain crown that is on top of the dental implant is made of porcelain. This material is highly stain resistant. But, as time goes in, it may have a blemish, crack, or imperfection that is picking up some staining. If there are any crevices than you may notice that area will retain stains more than a smooth area. They hygienist may have polished the discoloration off during your routine hygiene visit, but it sounds like it has resurfaced.

If it is strictly an aesthetics issue, than you really don’t need to schedule another appointment. That is, unless it is bothersome and noticeable when you smile. But a stain isn’t a functional issue. Although, if it is a crack, than it is something that you would want to have examined. It is hard to tell without having seen you in person, but a crack can turn into something more, which could end up compromising the durability of the crown. Or it could even break or shatter if left untreated.

It’s probably better to be safe than sorry. So you should probably go back in and have it checked out. If need by, the crown can be replaced. But you will not need to replace the entire dental implant, so you won’t have to go back through the surgical phase or anything like that. Just a crown replacement. Good luck!


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