I want a Hollywood smile with Lumineers. Not generic knock-off veneers!

 / I want a Hollywood smile with Lumineers. Not generic knock-off veneers!

I want a Hollywood smile with Lumineers. Not generic knock-off veneers!

I have decided to go with Lumineers because from everything I have seen they are the best option to give me a glamorous Hollywood smile. My dentist is telling me he doesn’t offer Lumineers, but he can give me a beautiful smile makeover with other brands. But I really want the brand name Lumineers, not some cheap knock-off veneers. Do you think if I offer to pay him more he will give me the real deal?

– Serena in Tennessee


Lumineers are very heavily marketing by Den-Mat Corporation, the company that manufactures them. Many people are attracted to Lumineers due to all the advertising hype associated with the brand.

You may be shocked to learn that many dentists don’t like Lumineers. They come with strict laboratory restrictions and often times the end result is not what you are envisioning. There is another factor to consider in that you may not be a Lumineers candidates. You also may not realize that there are many brands of porcelain veneers. And also many brands of no-prep ultra-thin porcelain veneers. So there are many options when it comes to getting that stunning Hollywood smile design.

What is much more important than any brand name, is finding the best cosmetic dentist in your area to place them. To do beautiful cosmetic dentistry requires extensive training after dental school. And just because a dentist says they do porcelain veneers or Lumineers, there is no guarantee you will end up with a beautiful smile.

You would be wise to listen to this dentist and learn more about his or her opinion of Lumineers. Now if you absolutely have your mind made up, you can call around and find a dentist that will place Lumineers. But hopefully this has you considering what you really want? If your end goal is a Hollywood smile but because of the way your teeth are aligned, they end up looking bulky and longer than normal, than it doesn’t matter what brand they are. Right? Think it through. Who wants ugly “brand name” veneers?

When selecting the right cosmetic dentist, you also want to be sure that you check out their credentials and ask to see examples of their work similar to yours. Offering more money to this dentist likely isn’t going to change the opinion of this current dentist. Why would you want a dentist to place Lumineers if they don’t like them and have no experience placing them?

Far too many people get lured in by the appeal of Lumineers. The reality is, it’s all about the skill of the cosmetic dentist that places them!


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