I wanted to ask a cosmetic dentist about the Premium Home Whitening brand products?

 / I wanted to ask a cosmetic dentist about the Premium Home Whitening brand products?

I wanted to ask a cosmetic dentist about the Premium Home Whitening brand products?

I saw a Groupon discount offer for something called Premium Home Whitening. It is advertised as a professional grade teeth whitening brand. I wanted to ask a cosmetic dentist if it would be worth it to give it a try?

– Paul in New Jersey


Thank you for your question. It is not uncommon to see all sorts of teeth whitening offers on sites like Groupon. They can range from simple take home whitening trays, like Crest Whitening strips to Zoom whitening and everything in between. Also, most dental offices will use this marketing tactic to draw in new patients by offering free teeth whitening. But as far as the particular brand, Premium Home Whitening, here are my two cents.

The main teeth whitening agent in the Premium Home Whitening system is carbamide peroxide at 35 percent. This whitening agent will whiten your teeth. That said, the “cold blue light” probably won’t do anything to intensify or increase the effectiveness of the product. Nothing in the ingredient list or instructions really sets them apart from any other teeth whitening system.

But, I’d caution you to make the purchase for a few reasons. The cost is pretty high, although you didn’t mention the Groupon discounted price. The retail cost is high when you look at professional teeth whitening that you’d get at dentist’s office. When your whitening is overseen by a reputable dentist, the results will be more effective and they will likely double check that you don’t have any immediate issues that need to be addressed prior to treatment.

Then, there’s the safety issue of the formula and process. There have been cases of patients that ended up requiring a root canal treatment after using an over-the-counter whitening system. From a safety perspective, teeth whitening under the supervision of a dentist will ensure your safety. Other issues with take-home whitening systems on the market include damage to gums or existing dental work, cracked or leaky fillings or other sensitivity problems.

Also, you need to take into consideration the fit of the tray from this brand you are considering, will not give you a perfect fit. This is because it isn’t made to fit your teeth perfectly like it would be at a dentist’s office. This could lead to the possibility of the gel leaking and also an uneven coloration. If there are leaks, than the effectiveness goes down too. Gum irritation from an inadequate fit of the tray is also a concern.

So, if you are looking for an endorsement from a cosmetic dentist on this product, you likely won’t get it. That said, most dentists do a good job of whitening and you don’t necessarily need to see an expert cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening treatment. It may be worth your while to call around town to see if you can compare prices between dentists. That way you may end up saving a little money and also have the professional supervision that will ensure your safety, as well as a beautiful white smile. Good luck!


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