What’s the best way to fix a chipped front tooth – dental bonding?

 / What’s the best way to fix a chipped front tooth – dental bonding?

What’s the best way to fix a chipped front tooth – dental bonding?

I love my smile. Now, I’m mortified because I chipped my front tooth on a glass. It is really small. But, I notice it every time I look in the mirror. Please tell me there is a simple fix, because I don’t want it to look fake. The chip is probably less than a millimeter and my friends tell me they can’t see it. Should I get a porcelain veneer or dental bonding?

I have a couple main concerns.

  • Will a porcelain veneer look natural?
  • Will it blend in or make me look silly?
  • Can the color be made to match the surrounding teeth?

I really don’t want to fork out the money for a smile makeover. What are my options?

-Beck in Chicago


These are some great questions. It sounds like you’ve done some initial research. A porcelain veneer can be made to blend in beautifully with the surrounding teeth.

But, it has to be done by an excellent cosmetic dentist. Not just any dentist can do this type of highly-skilled, artistic work. It requires extensive training beyond dental school to create beauty. This is especially true when it comes to a front tooth.

To fix a tiny chip in a front tooth, dental bonding will work great. Here’s how it works. The cosmetic dentist will scuff up the surface of the tooth. Then, a composite material is applied and bonded directly to the roughened surface. This is the easiest, most cost-effective approach. If it’s done by an expert cosmetic dentist, the tooth bonding should last for years. Over time, you may need to have it redone.

You’ll be smiling again in no time.

Thanks for your question. Hopefully, this post helps others that may be considering dental bonding.


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