My white smile is fading only a couple days after Zoom whitening!

 / My white smile is fading only a couple days after Zoom whitening!

My white smile is fading only a couple days after Zoom whitening!

I have been hiding my ugly, discolored teeth for awhile now. So I finally decided to get Zoom whitening done. But I have to say, although I was really happy at first, that all faded in only a few days. I feel like this is unfair. I don’t think I should have to pay for the treatment since I am unhappy. Why did my whitening fade after only days?

– Vicki in Wisconsin


Teeth whitening results can vary greatly among people. Your dentist really has no way to predict the exact shade. Although, the dentist should have done a better job of explaining what would happen after the procedure. Zoom whitening is typically done in three separate, fifteen minute whitening sessions. In some cases, the dentist will opt to do a fourth if the patient is cooperative. The Zoom whitening system uses a special Zoom light to when teeth and it actually dehydrates teeth. This gives your teeth a bright white effect immediately and then as the teeth rehydrate over the next few days and weeks, the whiteness can fade. This actually happens with almost all teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry treatments. It is very difficult to predict exactly how much it will fade. Many dentists will send patients home with teeth whitening trays so touch up treatments can be performed at home. This technique helps to maintain the whiteness that was achieved in the office. Don’t feel cheated or ripped off. What you have described is quite common. It is unfortunate that you were not better prepared for what would happen after you left the office.


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