Why are mini implants controversial?

 / Why are mini implants controversial?

Why are mini implants controversial?

I am very interested in mini implants because they are so much more affordable than traditional dental implants. I need to replace a tooth and I see all the benefits of getting a dental implant over a dental bridge or flipper. But I am holding back because they are so expensive. When I asked my dentist, she told me that mini implants are controversial and didn’t recommend that I get them. From what I see mini implants do the same thing that regular implants do, so why won’t she even consider them? Is she just trying to make money off me?

-Kara in Arizona


Mini implants are controversial because they are a bit misunderstood throughout the industry. You are correct that they have many similarities to traditional dental implants. They are surgically implanted to the bone and integrate with it. The main difference is that they are much more affordable than traditional implants, which is largely due to their size. They are smaller than traditional implants and some dentists therefore feel that they aren’t as strong. But they have been approved by the FDA for use over the long term.

So why are they so much more affordable? Well, the main factor is the size. They are half the size of traditional implants. Mini implants don’t require as extensive of a surgery, so it is simpler to place and the recovery time is faster. Also, a traditional implant has multiple pieces, and the mini implant is all one piece. Now, not everyone is a mini implants candidate. But you should explore this option further, possibly with another dentist. If your dentist doesn’t recommend or isn’t comfortable placing mini implants, find one that is. You don’t want a dentist that doesn’t feel confident in the product or their ability to have success with the product to place them. It may be very much worth your while to get a second opinion from a different implant dentist that is experienced with mini implants. Ask to see similar cases and fine out about their success rate, as well. Thank you for your question.


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