Will Zoom whitening help even out the color of teeth?

 / Will Zoom whitening help even out the color of teeth?

Will Zoom whitening help even out the color of teeth?

My youngest daughter is ecstatic about getting her braces off. Finally! But she was left with some spots all over her teeth. The dentist recommended we get Zoom whitening. Well, we did and the spots are still there. Did the dentist mess it up or something?

– Becky in Pennsylvania


This is a loaded question and you didn’t even realize it. The elephant in the room is that there is a big difference from the way a general dentist and a skilled cosmetic dentist view things. A general dentist that doesn’t have any extra training in cosmetic dentistry can really mess things up. Fundamentally, dentists are trained to fix some sort of functional problem. But a true cosmetic dentist is an artist. They are of course concerned with function, yet want to provide absolutely beautiful results.

It sounds as if your dentist may not have been that experienced in using Zoom whitening. Zoom can significantly whiten teeth by several shades, but it is not appropriate for uneven coloration. White spots can actually be made worse with teeth whitening treatments. It’s not just Zoom, any bleaching has that affect.

Making an assumption that the white spots are because your daughter just had her braces removed, means that they were likely caused by decalcification. This can occur from poor oral hygiene while the orthodontics were in place. Tooth Mousse is a product that was created to fix this common problem for individuals that have spots left over from braces. Or microabrasion is another possibility, if indeed this is what the issue is. The only issue with the latter is that it may make the teeth creamier than whiter and brighter.

If you can find an excellent cosmetic dentist, dental bonding will work well to cover the spots. The enamel will be removed slightly where the spots are occurring and then composite is permanently bonded over those areas. Dental bonding will also help to prevent the tooth decay that has been forming in those spots. It will blend in perfectly. You will not be able to tell where the spots once were.

Great question!


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