Should I be worried about really fast crown preparation?

 / Should I be worried about really fast crown preparation?

Should I be worried about really fast crown preparation?

I’ve had a multiple crows done and I’m always amazed how quick my dentist is during the crown preparation. I’ve had a couple done elsewhere and it seemed to drag on for 30-45 minutes. My current dentist is very speedy, like less than 30 seconds for the preparation. That said, I’m wondering if he removes too much natural tooth because two of them I’ve had done by him have come off. Is it possible that there just isn’t enough natural tooth left? I’m wondering if I have a case against him? I need to find a solution that doesn’t involve more expensive treatment or having to pay again for the same treatment. I’m nervous because I know that I can’t afford dental implants. Would you recommend that I find a new dentist? I was interested in looking around to see if there was one that would put a guarantee on their work?

-Paul in Minnesota


Unfortunately, you won’t find a guarantee with on a porcelain crown. Although, there is something that is referred to as the “standard of care” in the industry. This means that a crown should provide a minimum standard to patients. Every case is different and sometimes an individual may have difficulty with a crown staying bonded in place. But the main problem with your situation is that the crown falling off seems to be happening on more than one crown and multiple times. This does sound like an issue with adhering to the minimum standard of care.

Although, it probably won’t be worth it to pursue legal recourse, since the dentist likely has liability in place to cover circumstances like this. You can request a refund so that you can have the work redone at a different dentist’s office. The lack of time spent during the crown preparation is concerning, yet it is difficult to give you specific marching orders without having seen your case in person. It is also possible that was a problem with the bonding techniques or materials used, or that the taper was too drastic and that is why the crowns are failing.

Many dentists will work their entire career and not have a crown fall off. The preparation step is imperative to ensure the crown is seated correctly. Your dentist sounds like his priority lies in speed versus being precise.

So, it would be in your best interest to move on. Have a consultation at a new dentist and see if the crowns can be redone. There are techniques that can be done during the preparation, even if there is less than desirable natural tooth structure in tact, that will successfully bond a crown. The new dentist may even work with you to craft a strategy to get refunded, or even a partial refund would go a long way to help you get the care you deserve.

Good luck and thank you for your inquiry.


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