Can I still get Invisalign if I’m missing teeth?

 / Can I still get Invisalign if I’m missing teeth?

Can I still get Invisalign if I’m missing teeth?

My bottom teeth are a crooked mess. I also have an under-bite.  My parents were never able to afford braces so my teeth have bothered me my whole life. The two bicuspids I had are actually my baby teeth. I have no idea why the permanent ones never came in. One of them has been pulled and my guess is the other one will need to be pulled eventually. I also am missing a back molar.

Taking all that into consideration, is it possible for me to get Invisalign with these missing teeth? I don’t want to have to wear ugly metal braces as an adult.

– Ray in Arizona


Good news! It is possible to use Invisalign even with missing teeth. That said, you still need to meet with an Invisalign certified dentist to determine if you are a candidate. There is a possibility the under-bite may end up complicating things.

It will all depend on the dentist as to their individual opinion about the best treatment plan. Orthodontists are usually cut from a more conservative-minded cloth. Their opinion will largely based on their comfort level and experience. But many general dentists have embraced Invisalign technology and it may be right for you. The Invisalign company also has a licensed orthodontist on staff to assist with any clinical issues that are encountered. The best thing for you to do since you have the missing teeth and also some spacing issues is to seek a couple independent opinions from Invisalign dentists in you area.

It all depends on the severity of your case. So missing teeth is not a deal breaker, but may present some unique challenges.


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