Can I Give My Leftover Zoom Whitening Gel to a Friend?

I had Zoom whitening done about a year ago and the doctor gave me a tray and some gel to use at home for touch ups if I wanted. My teeth have retained their color and I’m still happy with them, but the stuff is just sitting around. My best friend has always wanted to […]

How Can I Lighten the Color of a Filling?

I went through a serious depression a couple of years ago and stopped taking care of myself entirely. I’m back to my normal self again, and I’m trying to update my appearance so I can feel better about the way I look. I wanted to do Zoom Whitening, but it was out of my budget […]

I can’t afford porcelain veneers to cover tetracycline stains.

I have tetracycline stains from medication given to me as a baby. I was told porcelain veneers are the best treatment for this condition. But I simply cannot afford it. I had a dentist put dental bonding on my teeth but they are chipping already. Do you know if Zoom whitening is an option? I’m […]

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