I was told I’m not a porcelain veneers candidate. Is that true?

I am so disappointed to hear my cosmetic dentist tell me I’m not a candidate for porcelain veneers. He blamed it on my overbite because my top teeth come down over my bottom teeth when me mouth is closed. So, his solution is six porcelain crowns on my top teeth. He also mentioned that crowns […]

My porcelain veneers horror story. What do I do?

I am living my very own porcelain veneers nightmare. A couple days ago I had two porcelain veneers placed on my two front teeth. The main reason for the cosmetic dentistry in the first place was because I had a chip in my tooth. It had dental bonding on it that eventually came off. When […]

Are there any other options to fix the gap in my teeth?

I have been living with this annoying gap in my teeth my whole life. No that I’m an adult, I’d like to have it fixed. When the dentist told me I needed braces, my heart sank. A 40 year old woman with braces just isn’t what I had in mind. Do I have any other […]

Do CEREC Crowns Fall Off Because They’re Cheap?

My dentist recommended me that I should get crowns on a few of my teeth. I did some googling and thought CEREC crowns are the best choice for me. However, I did have a few questions about it. I never have had crowns before, and I remember a lot of my friends were complaining how […]

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