CEREC for crowns on front teeth.

I fell and broke my two front teeth in a mountain biking accident. My family dentist is telling  me I need to get crowns. A friend told me about CEREC crowns and how they can be done in one day. That is super appealing to me right now because I’m so ready to move on […]

Should I Switch Dentists if Mine Won’t Provide a CEREC Crown?

My dentist told me I need to get a crown done. A friend of mine said her CEREC crown is the best thing since sliced bread and suggested I ask my dentist to make me one of those. He didn’t say it was an option though. What’s the difference between a CEREC crown and whatever […]

Do CEREC Crowns Fall Off Because They’re Cheap?

My dentist recommended me that I should get crowns on a few of my teeth. I did some googling and thought CEREC crowns are the best choice for me. However, I did have a few questions about it. I never have had crowns before, and I remember a lot of my friends were complaining how […]

I think my porcelain crowns are cracking.

Many years ago, I decided to have a smile makeover done. I ended up with porcelain crowns on all my front teeth. They looked great, I was always very happy with the way they made me look and feel. Recently, I have been noticing some rough patches on them. My tongue can’t seem to leave […]

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