Is the mall teeth whitening really Zoom?

I have been thinking about getting my teeth whitened and have called to a couple dentist offices about Zoom. Unfortunately it’s too expensive for me. One of the dentists I called said he could give me some take home whitening system but it wasn’t Zoom. I came across this mall kiosk that offered bleaching and […]

How can I ensure avoiding a teeth whitening disaster (a la Ross from Friends)?

How can I ensure avoiding a teeth whitening disaster (a la Ross from Friends)? -Becca in North Dakota Becca, Teeth whitening can be a smile brightening, pleasant experience. There are some questions you can ask before making an appointment so you don’t get the glow in the dark, blinding “Ross” look, or end up spending […]

Does Zoom whitening hurt?

I got some teeth whitening kits from the drug store. I really wasn’t happy with them. They actually hurt. I am looking into Zoom whitening but was wondering if it has hydrogen peroxide in it because I think that is why my teeth hurt. Also, do you have to get Zoom done multiple times to […]

Do I need sedation for Zoom?

My teeth are very, very sensitive! But I have been wanting to whiten my teeth for awhile and I am finally moving forward with getting Zoom! Since I have never had a cavity filled or really any other dental issue (aside from sensitivity) I don’t have anything to compare it to. I’m kind of freaking […]

My teeth are tingling after Zoom whitening

I am wondering if it’s normal to feel extreme sensitivity after getting Zoom whitening done? I had my appointment yesterday. During the last round of treatment I starting noticing my teeth felt tingly. When I woke up, they are even more tingly than before. When I mentioned this to the dentist yesterday, he told me […]

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