Is the mall teeth whitening really Zoom?

I have been thinking about getting my teeth whitened and have called to a couple dentist offices about Zoom. Unfortunately it’s too expensive for me. One of the dentists I called said he could give me some take home whitening system but it wasn’t Zoom. I came across this mall kiosk that offered bleaching and […]

Can false teeth be whitened?

I was born without my two lateral incisors. I wanted to get dental implants in the next few years but currently I have two false teeth that are attached to a retainer to fill the gaps. My teeth are discolored and I have been wanting to get them whitened. Does teeth whitening work on false […]

Tooth pain and sensitvity after Zoom whitening.

Why do my teeth hurt after getting Zoom whitening done? I didn’t anticipate not being able to eat normally, drink, or heck – even breathe after getting the treatment. Is there something wrong or did my dentist mess up? What is going on? The tooth pain is so intense I’m considering going to urgent care […]

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