The dentist put stain on my Lumineers.

 / The dentist put stain on my Lumineers.

The dentist put stain on my Lumineers.

I just spent over $13K on Lumineers. The dentist that did them ordered stain because it was supposed to help them look more natural. I really was hoping for a bright, white look. But what he ended up doing is ugly. Then, when I complained about it he decided to drill off the top portion of them so they could be whitened. Now they look dull and the shape isn’t right. Was drilling the correct thing to do? I cannot believe I feel this way after spending so much money. Do you have any advice?

– Denise in Missouri


Well, unfortunately it sounds like the damage is done at this point. There isn’t that much that can be done, unless their appearance is bad enough. The only way you may be able to recoup some of the cost is to see a new dentist that sides with you and pressures the first dentist into some sort of refund so you can have the work re-done.

Thank you for sharing your story about your Lumineers mishap though. Hopefully, it will help someone else be a little more careful in selecting a dentist for cosmetic dentistry. What most people fail to realize is that fewer than one or two percent of dentists have the artistic ability and passion to create a beautiful smile with porcelain veneers. Most expert cosmetic dentists won’t even place Lumineers. They come with strict trademark regulations that they be done in the Lumineers lab and they are not very natural-looking because they tend to look long and bulky.

The stain you described is a technique that was taught in dental school as a way to make teeth appear more natural-looking. So it is likely that the dentist was trying to follow this recommendation. The thing is, it doesn’t look natural in many cases. There are so many factors involved in creating beautiful cosmetic dentistry that far too few truly understand, as well as an expert-level understanding of the bonding techniques and methods used to place them.

Sadly, you will likely want to have these veneers redone in the future. This next time around, ask to see cases similar to yours, check their credentials, and go with someone that offers a beautiful smile guarantee. Most excellent cosmetic dentists will offer some type of assurance that if you don’t love the way the veneers look before they are permanently bonded, they will be sent back to the lab.

Thank you for your question and best of luck!

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