Will CEREC crowns work better than porcelain crowns?

 / Will CEREC crowns work better than porcelain crowns?

Will CEREC crowns work better than porcelain crowns?

I was told I need a CEREC crown at my last dentist appointment. One of my teeth in the very back has a big cavity. So, he’s recommending I get it replaced with a CEREC crown. I’ve had porcelain crowns in the past. I was wondering if they will hold up the same or any better? I ask, because I grind my teeth at night. So, I need to know that a CEREC crown will hold up just as well as a porcelain crown. Also, do you know how long a CEREC crown will last?

-Elizabeth in Indiana


Well, CEREC crowns have the same lifespan as porcelain crowns. When a crown is done by an expert cosmetic dentist, it can last around 15 years or more if it is taken of. It’s not unheard of them to last over 20 years. The only main difference here is convenience. The CEREC crowns are done all in the same visit. This process completely eliminates the need for a temporary crown. The tooth is prepared, fitted and the permanent CEREC crown is placed the same day.

But, the concern here isn’t around having a CEREC crown done. It’s about your night grinding. Any kind of grinding will shorten the lifespan of any type of porcelain crown or cosmetic dentistry work. The enamel of your healthy teeth can also be damaged. Has your dentist talked about TMJ with you? TMJ can be a result of nighttime grinding. It can cause headaches, neck and jaw pain, problems with your bite and other issues. It is a serious condition that needs to be addressed sooner than later. In fact, it may be the reason you are having issues with your back tooth in the first place.

So, you need to have the grinding addressed right away. A night-guard worn at bedtime will protect your teeth and any dental work you receive moving forward. It will help keep your bite in alignment and help relieve any of the TMJ problems you may already be experiencing. If your dentist hasn’t discussed this concern with you to date, you may need to see a TMJ dentist or TMJ specialist. They will be able to pinpoint the cause and better help you.

Once the TMJ has been addressed, you should be able to get your crown and ensure it will last for years to come. If you don’t move forward with addressing your grinding issue, the crown could be damaged, just as soon as it is placed. So, getting the night-guard done will help avoid costly repairs and potential TMJ pain down the road.

Good luck!


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