Brighten Your Smile with Dental Bonding at Coleman Dental

Looking to enhance your smile without breaking the bank? Dental bonding might be the perfect solution for you. At Coleman Dental, we specialize in cosmetic dentistry, providing treatments that can transform your smile and boost your confidence. Here are some compelling reasons to consider dental bonding: Quick and Painless One of the major benefits of […]

Beautiful Teeth Without Breaking The Bank

At Coleman Dental in Houston, Texas, our smile makeover patients believe that life-changing cosmetic dentistry is a beneficial investment. Indeed, for most people, the value of a healthy, desirable smile cannot be measured in dollars. We acknowledge, however, that cosmetic dentistry is not cheap. Do you have to spend thousands of dollars to improve your […]

Reinvent Yourself With Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry from ColemanDental in Houston TX brings with it many benefits: from a sleeker, cleaner appearance and a boost in self-confidence, to improved dental health. There are a lot of different procedures to choose from. While the most obvious benefit of cosmetic dentistry is a beautiful new smile, we never overlook the dental health […]

Is It All About Flashy Smiles And Trendy Styles?

If you can’t be in Paris, then bring fashion home. Facial fashion, that is. The pouty, the flashy, the sultry, the glamorous, the gleeful. At ColemanDental in Houston TX we offer cosmetic dentistry to keeping you looking great and feeling confident. Few of us were born with perfect teeth. Cosmetic dentistry means using sound dental […]

Look And Feel Better With Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry from ColemanDental in Houston TX can not only upgrade your smile, it can improve the health of your teeth and make your face more attractive and younger-looking. If you have teeth that are decayed or otherwise damaged, there are multiple remedies. Porcelain veneers, bonding, and crowns are some of the effective procedures available. […]

Pain After Dental Bonding: What’s the Fix?

I had a fair amount of dental bonding done a few weeks ago. The vast majority of it was for cosmetic reasons, but I did have a couple of cavities as well. The doctor said it would be easier on me if I did it all in one visit and I assumed he was right. […]

Can Dental Bonding Fix Black Triangles?

I have what my dentist is calling black triangles. Would dental bonding fix them? Sam W. – Kansas Sam, Black Triangles are often caused by receding gums.  The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure there is not gum disease. If that’s dealt with and you just have the cosmetics issue, then dental […]

Cosmetic dentist’s dental bonding is yellow.

My daughter is in the thick of her teen years. She hated the discoloration on her front teeth. So we met with a dentist that was recommending a cosmetic solution for her two front teeth. The price wasn’t exorbitant, so we did it. Well, the dentists did tooth bonding and now they are yellow. Yes, […]

Dental bonding mistake!

I am so utterly disappointed in the cosmetic dentistry I just had done. I decided to move forward in getting my front tooth gap closed and then some work done to the lateral incisors to make them appear a bit longer. The dentist recommended dental bonding be used to fix my smile. The first thing […]

Can I use an ultrasonic toothbrush on dental bonding?

I came across something online that said not to use “ultrasonic cleaning devices” on dental bonding. Can ultrasonic toothbrushes damage the bond somehow? I need to know because I always use an ultransonic toothbrush and don’t want to compromise my restoration. – Becky in Wisconsin Becky, Thank you for your question. The “ultransonic cleaning devices” […]

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