My crown keeps falling off!

I had a same day crown done. There was no temporary crown, which was very convenient. I don’t know exactly what the material that was used for the crown. But it can’t be good, because it has come off three times already. This has all taken place in less than a year. Well, when it […]

Is a CEREC crown worth the extra cost?

My job has me traveling a lot which means I am constantly on the run. Since I haven’t seen my family that much I have been putting off getting another crown. It just takes too long and I hate the time between where you have to wear a temporary. I am especially concerned with having […]

Will CEREC crowns work better than porcelain crowns?

I was told I need a CEREC crown at my last dentist appointment. One of my teeth in the very back has a big cavity. So, he’s recommending I get it replaced with a CEREC crown. I’ve had porcelain crowns in the past. I was wondering if they will hold up the same or any […]

Will My CEREC Crown Hold Up to Nighttime Grinding?

I need to have my first ever crown done and my dentist has me scheduled to have a CEREC crown done in two weeks. Obviously, I’m a little anxious about the procedure, but I also grind my teeth at night. Is this going to be an issue with the CEREC crown or will it hold […]

CEREC for crowns on front teeth.

I fell and broke my two front teeth in a mountain biking accident. My family dentist is telling  me I need to get crowns. A friend told me about CEREC crowns and how they can be done in one day. That is super appealing to me right now because I’m so ready to move on […]

Should I Switch Dentists if Mine Won’t Provide a CEREC Crown?

My dentist told me I need to get a crown done. A friend of mine said her CEREC crown is the best thing since sliced bread and suggested I ask my dentist to make me one of those. He didn’t say it was an option though. What’s the difference between a CEREC crown and whatever […]

Do CEREC Crowns Fall Off Because They’re Cheap?

My dentist recommended me that I should get crowns on a few of my teeth. I did some googling and thought CEREC crowns are the best choice for me. However, I did have a few questions about it. I never have had crowns before, and I remember a lot of my friends were complaining how […]

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