Beware of Mexico and affordable dental implants.

My cousin researched affordable dental implants. He couldn’t justify the costs here.  So, he went to Mexico. He raved about the dentist. Apparently, he studied in the United States and had a bunch of positive reviews. Eventually, we decided to go through with it to save a buck. It took over a year for the […]

Why are mini implants controversial?

I am very interested in mini implants because they are so much more affordable than traditional dental implants. I need to replace a tooth and I see all the benefits of getting a dental implant over a dental bridge or flipper. But I am holding back because they are so expensive. When I asked my […]

Can the Cost of Dental Implants Be Too Low?

This might sound a little odd, but I’ve been researching dental implants for a couple of years now and I’ve had consultations from four dentists. It’s not that there’s a problem with any of them, I just want to find someone who will do the work for a price that fits within my budget. I […]

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