Botched cosmetic dentistry. What do I do?

I hate my ugly tetracycline-stained teeth. They have stolen my joy and self confidence one too many times. I decided that I will not feel embarrassed or ashamed of my smile anymore. So I scheduled a consultation with my dentist. Finally, I felt like I was going to be proud to show off my smile […]

I was told I’m not a porcelain veneers candidate. Is that true?

I am so disappointed to hear my cosmetic dentist tell me I’m not a candidate for porcelain veneers. He blamed it on my overbite because my top teeth come down over my bottom teeth when me mouth is closed. So, his solution is six porcelain crowns on my top teeth. He also mentioned that crowns […]

Have Old Tetracycline Stains- Replace Dental Bonding or Get Veneers?

I had dental bonding done ages ago to cover up tetracycline stains. As the years have gone by, my teeth have taken on a very unnatural mismatched look, but I haven’t been able to do anything about it. I asked my dentist what my options are, and he told me I have to get porcelain […]

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