What’s with the blue Zoom light?

I just have to ask the question because I can’t stop wondering what’s with the blue light with Zoom whitening? I love my newly whitened smile. I don’t think my smile has ever looked so good. When I was telling my friend about Zoom, she told me I fell for a gimmick and that the […]

Is my mouthwash turning my porcelain veneers gray?

Is it possible that my mouthwash or possibly my toothpaste is causing my porcelain veneers to turn gray? I had them done nine months ago and I didn’t anticipate them discoloring for years. When I jumped online I saw a reference about avoiding products with alcohol in them. Could this be the reason they are […]

Is it normal for porcelain veneers to come off every couple months?

I am wondering if I made a big mistake. I just had four porcelain veneers done on top and four on the bottom. As I was getting ready to leave, the dentist mentioned in passing that in a couple months they may come off. He didn’t act like it was any big deal and he […]

Is Listerine ruining my porcelain veneers?

I have always used Listerine. I love the way it makes my breath smell. Well, I am beginning to wonder if this is what is causing my porcelain veneers to turn grey. I use Colgate daily, so maybe the combination of the two products is damaging to the cosmetic dentistry work I’ve had done? My […]

Can I Request a Refund for Discolored and Broken Lumineers?

All I wanted to do was close a gap between my two front teeth and correct a chip on one from when I was a kid. My dentist told me that Lumineers was the way to go and he promised me a beautiful smile. But he wanted to do all six of my top front […]

My white smile is fading only a couple days after Zoom whitening!

I have been hiding my ugly, discolored teeth for awhile now. So I finally decided to get Zoom whitening done. But I have to say, although I was really happy at first, that all faded in only a few days. I feel like this is unfair. I don’t think I should have to pay for […]

Looking for Zoom to complete my personal makeover.

I’m kind of obsessed with makeover reality shows. That said, they did the trick to motivate me. I’m proudly down over 95 pounds and I feel like I deserve Zoom whitening like they show on those shows. I told myself if I met my goal, I could makeover my smile too. When I talked to […]

Can I Give My Leftover Zoom Whitening Gel to a Friend?

I had Zoom whitening done about a year ago and the doctor gave me a tray and some gel to use at home for touch ups if I wanted. My teeth have retained their color and I’m still happy with them, but the stuff is just sitting around. My best friend has always wanted to […]

With dental implants – is the lab or dentist that does them more important?

I have been researching dental implants for months and have seen multiple dentists on the subject. I have asked the question of multiple implants dentists, is the lab or the dentist more important? There doesn’t seem to be a consensus here. I assume the skill of the dentist is absolutely important, yet I can see […]

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